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Executive Board 2018

Say hi to our new officers! The Aristocats becomes more professional and musical thanks to their hard work!

  • Group Coordinator: Jennifer Wu
  • Vice Group Coordinator: Christina Dai
  • Music Director: Anne Accardi
  • Assistant Music Director: Rudy Gelb-Bicknell
  • Co-PR Chair: Ethan Zheng and Christina Dai
  • Treasurer: Alex Le
  • Concert Coordinator: Arjun Joshi
  • Artistic Director: Ethan Zheng
  • Secretary: Liz Halter
  • Social Chair: CĂ­ntia Collins and Arjun Joshi
  • Webmaster: Ethan Zheng
  • Auditions Coordinator: Evan Simkowitz
  • Recording Chair: Catherine Cai