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Why audition for the Aristocats?

We are a fun-loving and welcoming group dedicated to spreading Disney magic around the Wash U campus! We are more than just an a cappella group — we are a family. In joining an a cappella group, the friends you make and the music you create will be essential components of an unforgettable college experience.

Do I need previous singing experience?

We don’t require it, but we are looking for a good sense of pitch and tone. Basic music reading ability is also highly recommended.

What will the audition be like?

Before the audition, you should prepare a ~45sec solo of a song of your choice (about 1 verse and a chorus). The audition is fairly short (~15 min) and nothing to get too stressed out over!

  1. All of us are so excited to meet you, so we’ll have you fill out a short audition sheet (with questions like, “What Disney character would you be and why?”) so that we can get to know you a little bit.
  2. Next, we will warm you up with some scales to get a sense of your range.
  3. Then, will do a few tonal memory exercises—we play a few notes and ask you to sing them back—and give you a few measures of sight singing.
  4. Then, we will listen to your solo!

Do I need to prepare a Disney song?

Nope! Pick any song you love to sing that shows off your voice. It would be preferable for you to pick a song that’s well known or something a few of us would have heard before. If you know your vocal range, try to pick something in that range.

What are callbacks like?

Callbacks are longer and a bit more intense process than the initial audition. Most of the callback will consist of you learning a few excerpts from songs in our current repertoire and have you sing them with part of the group. We will ask you to prepare another ~45sec solo for us. Again, it doesn’t have to be Disney!

What is the time commitment?

We rehearse roughly 6 hours a week and do two concerts a year, as well as gigs at WashU events and around the St. Louis community throughout the year. Though it is a time commitment, it is nothing unmanageable. We’ve had group members participate in all sorts of other activities as well, including varsity athletics, undergraduate research, Greek life, etc. while still maintaining full course loads.

Sounds good! How do I sign up?

Reserve an audition time! Or you can sign up with us in person at the a cappella showcase at Graham Chapel coming up on August 27 @ 7PM! There you’ll be able to hear and get a feel for WashU’s a cappella groups while enjoying free Clementine’s Ice Cream. Don’t miss out!