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Our Music

The Aristocats host two major concerts each year, one in Fall and one in Spring. We also sing at small community engagements throughout the year and deliver ValenTunes serenades during the week of Valentine’s Day with a special repertoire of Disney love songs.

We have performed on Fox 2 St. Louis with Brad Kane, the singing voice of Aladdin, and we released our first EP, Aristotunes Volume One, for free in 2014 on SoundCloud. Since then, we continue to release all of our concert videos (now with professionally mixed audio) to YouTube!

Our repertoire is all under the Disney umbrella, including everything from oldies but goodies, like Snow White, to modern favorites, such as Moana. We also enjoy re-vamping songs featured in Disney Channel Original Movies, Disney Channel TV shows, as well working classic songs into medleys and original mashups.

Current Songs